Following the success of the previous four conferences, the 5th Global Tourism & Hospitality Conference, GTHC2022, will be hosted and organised by the School of Hotel and Tourism Management of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University on 12 - 14 June 2022 in Hong Kong. This hybrid conference will serve as an important networking platform for educators, students and industry practitioners to exchange insights related to innovations, trends, opportunities and challenges of global tourism and hospitality. 



- Ke Mai, Yang Xu, Sangwon Park, and Anthony Chen

"Understanding and Modelling Tourist Intra-City Destination Choice Using Mobile Phone Data"

1st Runner-Ups:  

- Maxime Wang, Crystal Shi, and YooHee Hwang

“When Two Bosses Yell at You: Customer Orientation, Power Distance Belief, and Employee Sabotage Toward Customers”

2nd Runner-Ups:

- Yuting Tao, Chaohui Wang, and Tingting Zhang

“Developing a Hotel’s Persuasive Green Message: An Application of Regulatory Fit Theory to CSR Communications”



- Jiayu Wang, Feifei Xu, and Jin Yin, from Southeast University 

“Values, Empathic Attitudes and Animal-Friendly Behavioural Intentions of Wildlife Tourists in China: A Model to Understand the Human-Animal Relationship”

- Julie Yang, from the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, The Hong Kong Polytechnical University

“The Interplay of Number and Physical Immediacy of Social Media Influencers’ Followers on Chinese Viewers’ Affective and Behavioral”

1st Runner-ups:

- Xintao Ma, Yuna Hu, and Yongwei Liu, from Ludong University

“Tourists’ Behavioral Characteristics Regarding Island-Based Tourism Destinations through the Perspective of Spatial Constraints: A Case Study of Yangma Island in China”

- Huang Huang, Wen-Qi Ruan, and Shu-Ning Zhang, from Huaqiao University


“The Evolutionary Characteristics and Process Mechanisms of Online Public Opinion for Major Sports Event Emergencies”

- Yifei Wang, Huihui He, Dachen Wang, and Anthony Wang, from Sun Yat-sen University


“Tradeoffs Among Community Restaurants during the COVID-19 New Normal: A Life History Theory Perspective”

- Sihua He, Manto Luk, Lingfei Long, and Liaofan Chen, from Sun Yat-sen University

“Customer Engagement in the Character Consumption Context —— A Case Study of LinaBell from Shanghai Disneyland”


Best Videos Award:

- Charlotte Yu, SHTM student of BSc in Tourism and Events Management

- Angel Lau and Karen Sung, SHTM students of BSc in Tourism and Events Management

- Cicily Xing, SHTM student of MSc in International Tourism & Convention Management; Liz Xu and June Zhao, SHTM students of MSc in International Hospitality Management; and Frans Fung, PolyU student of MSc in Information Technology


Most Engaging Videos Award:

- Charlotte Yu, BSc student in Tourism and Events Management

- Angel Lau and Karen Sung, BSc students in Tourism and Events Management