Nissos Beer


NISSOS IS AN AWARD WINNING, INDEPENDENT, FAMILY RUN AND OWNED GREEK ISLAND BREWERY, based on Tinos Island in Greece NISSOS in Greek means “island”. NISSOS was born in the Cyclades and is a child of the Aegean sea.

The Cyclades Microbrewery at Tinos Island was created from a zero-base  by Alexandros and Maya in 2012, in the heart of the Greek economic crisis. The crisis, instead of acting as a deterrent, truly pushed us into action.

It is happiest in the company of friends enjoying the sun’s warm caress on long summer afternoons. But it is equally at home in cool shade, against a backdrop of dazzling white-washed houses under clear blue skies.

NISSOS is inspired by the works of men, the fruits of the earth, the olive trees, the exhilarating Cycladic light, the waves, the gentle breeze, the halcyon days and the fragrant spring. And when it speaks, it speaks of companionship,  generosity, perseverance, innovation and hospitality.


NISSOS are all-natural artisanal beers with delicious, distinctive flavors. Lovingly made by real people driven by curiosity, imagination, creativity and a passion for quality beer, at an multi-awarded  microbrewery on our beloved island home.

NISSOS are the first BEERS globally to be certified for their high content of bioactive compounds with antioxidant activity beneficial to human health and wellbeing.

The European AFQ certification mark of FoodOxys introduces a novel system for rating and classifying the quality of foods and beverages. Each product is subjected to a thorough evaluation of its composition bioactivity to investigate its potential effects on human health and wellbeing.

According to the AFQ Certification Regulation, the 5 NISSOS beers were subjected to strict testing protocols in assessing their ability to neutralize a multitude of synthetic and natural free radicals. 

NISSOS beers received particularly high scores in all assays tested. NISSOS GREEK ISLAND PILSNER was rated with 16/20, the ALL-DAY ORGANIC with 17/20 and the THOLI and the 7 BEAUFORT with 19/20. 

Finally, APOCALYΨΗ was rated with the highest possible score, 20/20, demonstrating the highest bioactivity in all biochemical protocols tested. Noteworthy, NISSOS beers seem to approach the bioactivity levels of red wine.

For us, NISSOS is much more than a range of internationally awarded beers. It reflects our way of life and our values and is a proud ambassador of the Cycladic – Greek island spirit. 

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